Often, ADHD is diagnosed by a child's pediatrician or a psychiatrist.  A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is recommended, however, if a child shows any of the following:

Failure to respond as expected to medication or treatment
ADHD symptoms associated with an underlying medical illness 
Learning problems, including possible learning disabilities
The presence of other emotional or behavioral symptoms
Language weaknesses
Inconsistency in symptom presentation

A Neuropsychological Evaluation for a child with ADHD can:
Help to establish an accurate diagnosis
Define a child's learning profile to assist in treatment
Offer additional insight into treatment options 
Assist in monitoring response to treatment, including medication.
Ensure that co-occurring learning disabilities or other psychiatric 
concerns are not present

While medication is the AAP recommended treatment for children with ADHD over the age of six, therapy can also assist in teaching the skills necessary to optimize a child's functioning across environments.  For children under the age of six, evidence based behavioral therapies are the first line of treatment.

ADHD Treatment Services offered include:
Individual Therapy
Family Education and Counseling
Stop-Think-Plan and other Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
Parent Management Training
Executive Functioning Skills Training