ASD Evaluations are focused evaluations aimed at determining whether a young child meets diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Evaluations include:
-In- depth interview of the parents regarding the child's development;
-Behavioral observations of the child;
-Standardized assessment using the ADOS-2
-Comprehensive, easy-to-read individualized report documenting findings;
-Collaboration with the child's pediatrician and treating professionals.

Feedback regarding diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment, are presented at the time of the evaluation when possible.  Additional consultation following an ASD diagnosis is also offered, as is ongoing monitoring of a child's development. 

Intervention Services
Comprehensive therapy services include:
-Individual Therapy
-Social Skills Training
-Parent Support and Coping with an ASD diagnosis
-Sibling support in adjusting to an ASD diagnosis
-Transitional Support as a child moves from intensive services to school or
other services.