What is "Executive Functioning?"
Executive Functioning includes those skills needed for effective behavioral regulation and metacognition (i.e. "thinking about thinking").  Executive skills include planning, organization, time management, problem solving, goal-directed persistence, and self-monitoring skills.
Who would benefit from training?
Children and adolescents with a formal diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (High Functioning) who have difficulties in executive functioning. 
What do sessions look like?
Service delivery is through an outpatient therapy model.  The program is designed to be completed in about 8 sessions, but the length of the program will be tailored to each child's individual needs.  The first session is spent with a brief assessment of needs, followed by the joint development of goals for treatment.  Subsequent sessions are focused on 1:1 work with the child or adolescent for direct skill training, followed by a parent briefing for weekly coaching goals to help support the child in using their new skills.